Summer Show

Show vegetables

Each year we have a summer show, usually 2nd sunday in August

Allotment Show Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Entries

General Rules

All fruit, veg & flower entries have to have been grown at the Beighton Allotment Site


  • Entries in by 1.30pm
  • Enter the correct number of items in each class
  • Aim for even sized and symmetrical entries
  • Clean your entries carefully, no cosmetic treatment!!
  • Try to enter items without blemishes or signs of disease


What judges look for in each class:‐

  • 4 x BEETROOT ‐ Trim the tops to 8cm/ 3”. Leave tap root intact
  • 1 x CABBAGE ‐ Trim the stalk to 8cm/3”. Firm with good colour
  • 3 x CARROTS ‐ Trim the tops to 8cm/3”. Leave stump/root intact
  • 1 x CAULIFLOWER ‐ Heads should be 10‐15cm/4‐6” diameter. Trim leaves level with top of head.
  • 3 x COURGETTES ‐ About 15cm/6” long, with flower (attached or alongside)
  • 1 x MARROW ‐ Weight is the only feature!
  • 3 x ONIONS
  • 6 x SHALLOTS ‐ Trim roots but not too close. Thin neck without ribbing. Turn down neck and tie with raffia or string.
  • 4 x POTATOES ‐ Ideal weight 170gms/6oz with shallow eyes.
  • 6 x RUNNER BEANS ‐ As straight as possible. No outward signs of seed. Should snap cleanly.
  • 4 x TOMATOES ‐ Individual firm fruit with stalk attached.
  • 5 A DAY FRUIT & VEG ‐ Any 5 varieties ‐ collect a blue box by 12 Noon on 11th August from allotment office. Fill the box. Entries in by 1:30!
  • VASE OF CUT FLOWERS ‐ 3 stems, mixed or same variety.

The following classes are open to allotment holders AND members of the public:‐

1 x SCARECROW COMPETITION ‐ (Children only) Use your imagination

6 x CUP‐CAKES to be judged on decoration




page last updated: 20/02/2020




Not for this summer, but for next,
Since foresight is the gardener's text,
And though his eyes may never know
How lavishly his flowers blow,
Others will stand and musing say
"These were the flowers he sowed that May".


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